When you use ZUBBit you are truly creating Digital Assets for yourself that will create you clicks and conversions for years to come.

What do I mean by that?

Well nothing vanishes on the World Wide Web so once you’ve got ZUBB’s out there then they can continue to attract clicks, especially on Social Media.  Two of the best places on Social Media to post your ZUBB links are on Facebook and Twitter.


Well because both platforms are becoming engines for finding content. If you take Facebook as an example, they recently decided to index every public post that’s ever been published on its Facebook and make it searchable. So over 1 Trillion new pieces of content got added to what you can find. That’s a whole new wing of the internet!

So every public ZUBB you post on either your Facebook Profile or a Facebook Page can be found for years to come and Facebook are working really hard to keep you on Facebook so they are going to make past information more and more accessible and searchable.

So every ZUBB you post on Facebook alone is becoming a Digital Asset that will continue to earn you clicks for years to come.

The sames goes for Twitter and in fact anywhere on the web you post ZUBB’s. So the more great ZUBB’s you get out there then the bigger Digital Asset base you are building for yourself.

Sometimes of course the product or service you are promoting on your ZUBB’s may become out of date to we’ve created some great functionality into ZUBBit to let you update the contents of thousands of ZUBB’s in one click.

What Next? – Well to learn how to keep your ZUBBit digital assets relevant read all about re-purposing ZUBB’s.


Written by Phil Spilsbury
Businessman & Tech/Software creator. Co-Founder of ZUBBit, software for the Marketing & Advertising Industry. #Advertising #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #Content