Does ZUBBit have a referral or affiliate program?

This is one of a series of posts all about the ZUBBit affiliate program to help you make money from just recommending ZUBBit to others!

Yes we do and we always pleased to welcome new members to our affiliate program.

You can either promote ZUBBit as a Free member or better still promote it as a full member just by using the product.

The very nature of ZUBBit means that the content you share with ZUBBit will be seen a lot and potentially shared and go viral, which means your ZUBB’s will be seen many times. Each time someone views your ZUBB’s they will enjoy the content you’ve shared but will also see the ZUBB with your message and call-to-action on it. Quite often the reaction we get from viewers is that when they see the ZUBB they really like how it works and want to check it out for themselves so click on the small ZUBBit logo on the ZUBB to check out what it’s all about.

So just by using ZUBBit you can potentially make commissions every time someone does that on one of your ZUBB’s. So the best way to sell it, is to USE IT!

You can also send traffic directly to our website and blog and we also have a library of banner ad’s that you can use to advertise ZUBBit.

The world-wide-web is all about sharing content and with the current massive state of Social Media and the ways they make it easier and easier to share content then there has never been a better time to get involved in the Content Sharing Revolution and profit from not only using ZUBBit but recommended to others too.

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Written by ZUBBit Team