While you can make ZUBB’s with most websites, there are certain sites with sensitive security that does not allow their content to be shared. Unfortunately Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are amount them. However we do believe ZUBBit works with 99% of websites.

You can still redirect your ZUBB call to actions to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages AND you can also more importantly share your content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The only thing you can’t do is to create a ZUBB from content from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

The main reason for this is the difference in security settings between content based sites (Mashable, TechCrunch, Forbes etc) and web apps (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) since they handle private information and not all information is meant to be Public.

Social Media sites are not really content sites and we’re never really intended to be a source of content for ZUBBit but what they are great for is sharing and syndicating your ZUBBit links on.

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Written by ZUBBit Team