So does ZUBBit work on every website, well there are two answers to this question.

First up when it comes to Hidden ZUBB’s either created manually or via RSS feeds it will work 100% of the time. So if you are using ZUBBit to build custom audiences through tracking and remarketing pixels then it will always work.

When it comes to using ZUBBit to display Call-To-Actions over the content, whereas we believe ZUBBit will work with most websites, we obviously can’t guarantee that as it’s impossible for us to test every website in the world! but we believe it works with most.

ZUBBit uses iFrame technology to load web pages. Some sites with high security settings sometimes block iFrames for security reasons. Examples are banking websites or secure payment sites like PayPal where it makes sense for their to be a higher level of security on a page.

Don’t worry though, as we still think that ZUBBit works on 95% of web sites on the internet because most websites want to share content, after all that’s what the internet and world wide web is all about, sharing content and links.

There will always be some that won’t though so to double check before you start creating ZUBB’s from a particular website then you can use this free checker tool or just create your ZUBB and press the “Test” button before you start using it. If you use the domain checker tool, remember you don’t need to check every page you want to share but just the domain name – like – and that will tell you if that website allows iFrame sharing or not.

Free iFrame Checker Tool

ZUBBit’s key function is about sharing content so sites that are more web app like than content sites like Social Media based sites like YouTube and Facebook will have problems with ZUBBit. However we deem YouTube videos as content so we do have a couple of work around’s that you can implement to let you Share YouTube Content

So we believe you will never run out of great content to use with ZUBBit but every so often you might just get unlucky and hit a website in that 5% that don’t want to share their content and of course if your using ZUBBit with no call-to-actions and just using it for audience building then it will work 100% of the time even with sites like YouTube.

Written by ZUBBit Team