Using Email Marketing with ZUBBit

Find out how ZUBBit can be used as a powerful way of sharing 100% content with your subscribers and STILL get your message out there.

Are you always stuck with creating content to share with your email list? We find most people have two things that hurt keeping in touch with their email link.

  1. You’ve not got enough great content of your own to share with your list
  2. So everything you do share is pitch, pitch, pitch

Do you share great content or just pitch your list because you just don’t have time to create great and relevant content for your list?


Well ZUBBit is the perfect tool to use with Email Marketing and solve your content issues.

With ZUBBit you can share any great content you can find online and put your message/call-to-action in the shape of a ZUBB onto any web content. So this means you can share 100% content with your email list all of the time if you wish. It means you can just give them value, value and more value whilst still getting your message in front of your readers and subscribers.

You can literally take any congruent and relevant content from nearly any website in the world and share it with your email list by creating a ZUBBit link from it and adding your call-to-action to that web page.

Sounds easy? well it is! Find out what is a ZUBBit link and How to create your first ZUBBit link

Written by ZUBBit Team