Facebook is Unleashing Universal Search

Facebook is unleashing universal search across its entire social network indexing 2 TRILLION posts. This is a massive boost for ZUBBit users.

Facebook is unleashing universal search across its entire network indexing TWO TRILLION posts but what does that mean for ZUBBit and ZUBBit users?

Just over a year ago, Facebook transformed the search bar normally used to find other Facebook users into a tool for finding out what those users were saying. The company indexed everyone’s posts so you could see friends discussing the latest Mad Max movie or latest music or sporting event. Now the company has gone one step further and indexed the entirety of Facebook’s 2 Trillion posts and making them searchable.

The decision turns Facebook’s search function into something broader and more fascinating than a tool for looking up an acquaintance you met at a party. It’s now a way to see what the internet is talking about in real time, in a way that only Twitter has ever mastered. Because Facebook commands the lion’s share of our time spent online, it hosts a huge percentage of the links we share from around the web and the discussions we have around news, personal interests, and other moments in our lives. Facebook’s search team is now turning that firehose of human interaction, which already generates 1.5 billion daily searches, into a vast repository of discussion, searchable by anyone.


Facebook’s new search tools will only be useful if people decide both to create more public posts and come to think of the search bar as a way to discover interesting posts. Both remain open questions. A previous Facebook effort to upgrade search — its vaunted Graph Search — withered into nothing. It may be that the latest upgrade is the thing that finally lets you use Facebook to take the pulse of the planet. In the meantime it’s simply the social network’s latest reminder that nothing you post there ever really goes away.

This is going to be MASSIVE for ZUBBit users as all your Public Posts containing ZUBB’s now being searchable, so with the correct intro text and key words you will now get traffic to your posts from Facebook’s entire user base. It’s taken the platform from just a few people seeing your last few posts to the whole world being able to access every public post you’ve ever done and ever do.

This will mean you could get literally thousands of ZUBB’s published on Facebook and searchable, letting you create real Digital Assets.

Written by Phil Spilsbury
Businessman & Tech/Software creator. Co-Founder of ZUBBit, software for the Marketing & Advertising Industry. #Advertising #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #Content