ZUBBit is a fantastic tool that allows you to add your message and call-to-action onto any page on most websites, but you are responsible for driving traffic to your ZUBBit links.

What ZUBBit does is let you tap into the vast amount of content on the web saving you having to create your own original content to use to engage with your audience.

If you are constantly sharing interesting and relevant content that’s relevant to your audience then you should be able to get as many clicks as you need and want.

Sharing Zubb’s on Social Media

The most common way of sharing zubbs is on Social Media. If you look at your newsfeed on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin you’ll see that people are sharing content 24/7 around the clock. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to share content pubically, so not just to your friends and family, which means the content you share can be seen my a potential world-wide audience.

If you take Facebook and Twitter as an example, they are making their platforms more and more searchable with Facebook recently indexing all archived content to make it searchable so they are going to lengths to keep you on their platforms to find the content you want.

So you can tap into this with ZUBBit and share content with your message attached that is searchable and can be found for years to come on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. So long after you’ve forgotten you’d even created a Zubb, it could still be getting you clicks and conversions and SALES!

So what if your message becomes outdated?

Well that’s a good question and for sure if you’ve got zubbs out there earning you clicks for years then you want to make sure the message on them is still relevant. With ZUBBit you can do just that and the brands, messages and call-to-actions can be edited and every zubb – no matter how old – that uses them will switch to the new message. How powerful is that?

Sponsored Content

If you’ve got a marketing budget, then sponsored Social Media content is definitely worth looking at.

Facebook and Twitter give you powerful functions to let you created sponsored content and target it at a particular audience, so you can target a particular demographic or interests of your target audience. This means you can get your post on the newsfeed of almost anyone you want!

The only problem is that platforms like Facebook want that content to be relevant and interesting to the reader and not an advert which means you need to keep creating unique content in order to leverage the real power of sponsored content.

So this is where ZUBBit comes in as you’ve now got access to an unlimited amount of relevant content that you can use and still get your message in front of the reader or viewer.

So using sponsored social content coupled with ZUBBit is a powerful way of increasing your clicks and conversions massively.

So Go For It

So two of the most powerful ways of getting and increasing clicks with ZUBBIt is using both organic and sponsored Social Media content posts.

You need to strike a balance between the two as both have their strengths but the main thing for long term clicks is getting great organic clicks from the content you share via ZUBBit being searchable on Facebook and Twitter for years to come.


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Written by Phil Spilsbury
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