How to become a ZUBBit Affiliate

This is one of a series of posts all about the ZUBBit affiliate program to help you make money from just recommending ZUBBit to others!

This guide will teach you how to become a ZUBBit Affiliate (what is the ZUBBit Affiliate Program?)

First up you need to be either a full or free member (note: If you are a free member you will have limited use of product). If your not a member yet then you can SIGN UP here.


Step 1: Go to your ZUBBit Dashboard and click on the Affiliates link on the top menu


Step 2: Compete the Affiliate sign up form

  1. Enter an affiliate ID you wish to use. This could just be your username or you could choose to use another name for the purposes of promoting ZUBBit
  2. Enter your PayPal email address. We will use this to pay you commissions. You must have a PayPal account as this is the only payment platform we use to pay affiliates.
  3. Make sure you’ve read all the Terms and Conditions. I know none of us like this bit but it is vital to know what you can and can’t do as you don’t want to risk losing your account!
  4. Press the button on the bottom of the page and your IN!


Once you’ve pressed the button you will be taken to the Affiliate center which you can access at any time by pressing the same menu option from the Dashboard. Once in the Affiliate center make a note of your affiliate links which you can use to promote the product.


You can also at anytime change your Affiliate ID if you wish and change your PayPal email address. NOTE: If you do change your affiliate ID then any existing links you’ve promoted with your old affiliate ID will no longer work.

Within the Affiliate center you will have access to stats on how many members you’ve signed up and commissions earned. You can also get your links to promote and also a range of banner creatives.

All Sound ok? If you’ve got any further questions check out our Affiliate FAQ’s



Written by ZUBBit Team