How to create a basic ZUBB Design

This is one of a series of posts in our "Get Started" series to help you get up and running and profiting from ZUBBit.

This guide will teach you how to create a basic ZUBB design (what are ZUBBit Designs?)

ZUBBit comes pre-loaded with lots of designs and we are adding new ones all the time but if you want some fun and want to create your own that perhaps matches the look and feel of your own products or branded then we offer great options to create your own designs.

Do you want a go?

Step 1: Clone an existing design, as described in – How to create a ZUBB design

This will take you to the Basic Design dialog box:


Step 2: Select example web page, brand and call-to-action


By selecting a brand, call-to-action and an example web page, lets you see how your design will look when deployed.

Step 3: Select base settings


The first setting is style. We a number of different styles of ZUBB which you can select from. Select each one and you can see what they look like and pick the one that you prefer. The next two settings let you set the horizontal and vertical positioning of the ZUBB.

Step 4: Choose your colour settings


The four sets of colour settings you can adjust are the ZUBB background and button background colours, then on the next row you can change the colours of the text (brand, call-to-action and button text). You can also change the border colours on ZUBB itself and also the brand and button. Finally you can set shadow colours on the ZUBB, brand and button.

You can either enter the hex values of the colours you want or use the palette selectors. You can find how more on how the colour selectors work in It’s easy to select your colours

Step 5: Name your new design


Step 6: All done then press Clone Design!


Done! If you want to do some even more cool stuff with your designs then find How to create Advanced ZUBB Designs.


Written by ZUBBit Team