How to Create a ZUBB Design

This is one of a series of posts in our "Get Started" series to help you get up and running and profiting from ZUBBit.

This guide will teach you how to create your own design to use on your ZUBB’s (what are ZUBBit Designs?)

ZUBBit comes pre-loaded with lots of designs and we are adding new ones all the time but if you want some fun and want to create your own that perhaps matches the look and feel of your own products or branded then we offer great options to create your own designs.

Do you want a go?

Step 1: Go to the ZUBB Designs section in your ZUBBit Dashboard


Step 2: You are then displayed a list of Designs already on the system you can use

There are two types of Designs. The first are system designs which are multiple collections of pre-loaded designs that come free with ZUBBit and these are marked with an asterix (*) next to the name. Check out our ZUBB Designs Collections. The next type of designs are the ones you create yourself.


From this dashboard you can edit your existing designs or delete them (Note, you can only a delete a design if its not been used on a live ZUBB)

Step 3: Lets create your own design!

The best way to create a design is to base it on an existing one that’s as close to what you want as possible. We don’t currently offer an option to create one completely from scratch as we think its much faster to build off an existing design.

So all you need to do to get started is to pick an existing design you like and press the “Clone” button next to it which will take you into the design tool.

From here, have a play, you have lots of control or step forward to our next article.

Ready? Now you can learn How to create a basic ZUBB design

Written by ZUBBit Team