How to create a Call-to-Action?

This is one of a series of posts in our "Get Started" series to help you get up and running and profiting from ZUBBit.

This guide will teach you how to add a new Call-To-Action (what is a Call-To-Action?)

Step 1: Go to the Call-To-Action section in your ZUBBit Dashboard


Step 2: Click on the create call-to-action button in the left corner of your call-to-actions list


When you click on “+ Create Call-To-Action” button then the “Create a Call-To-Action” dialog box will appear.


Step 3: Enter the message you want to appear on the body of your ZUBB


Step 4: Enter the website URL you want the visitor to go to if they click on your call-to-action message or button. So this would be your product/offer/service/event etc page.


Step 5: Enter the message you want on the call-to-action button, for example; Download Here, Read More, Take A Look etc


Step 6: Give your call-to-action a name so its easy to identify it.


Step 7: See how it looks! – You can enter an example website URL and also select a brand and a ZUBB design to see exactly how your call-to-action might look on a ZUBB on a website.


Step 8: If your happy then press “Create Call-To-Action”


You can now use this call-to-action on any ZUBB you create.


What Next? – How about checking out How to create your own ZUBB Design

Written by ZUBBit Team