How to Find Content For ZUBBit Using Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a Fantastic way to find great content to make zubb's from.

Google Alerts is one of Google’s hidden gems and a fantastic tool for finding great, relevant content to create zubb’s from. Google Alerts may not be one of Google’s most popular services, but it’s definitely one of the most useful.

Google Alerts is a really powerful tool to keep track of trends, interesting topics, or anything really new that appears on the web.

By creating a Google Alert, you can get email notifications any time Google finds new results on a topic that interests you.

For example, you could get updates about a niche you are working in, or find industry news etc, the list is endless. By using Google Alerts is going to save you lots of time finding content and instead just have Google drop a summary of new articles straight into your inbox.

It has some great filters/controls which lets you enter the key term you are looking for, how often you want new alerts sent to you, what languages you want your content in, what region in the world you want your content originating from and lots more.


Remember Google is a great search engine and is going to be one of your best sources of content so let Google do the work for you.

Make your alert search term as precise as you can, the more precise your search terms are, the more relevant your alerts will be.

Use quotes around a group of words if you are looking for them together. For example, “White house”. This will make your results much more relevant and precise.

Use a minus sign (-) in front of words that you want to leave out. For example, paris -texas.

Use the site: operator to limit your search to specific sites. For example, congress

Hope this helps and if you want to have a go then you can access Google Alerts here:

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Written by Phil Spilsbury
Businessman & Tech/Software creator. Co-Founder of ZUBBit, software for the Marketing & Advertising Industry. #Advertising #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #Content