How To Profit From the Billions of Content Shared Each Day

Every day over 5 Billion pieces of content is shared on Facebook alone BUT how can you profit from it - Find out how.

Over FIVE billion pieces of content are shared each and every day on Facebook alone but as a Marketer how can you profit from that?

Yes, sharing great content in your niche on your Social Media platforms is great and helps build you a following and increase engagement with your audience but what measurable return on investment do you get from the time and effort curating other people’s content to share? The answer is probably not a lot, if anything.

That’s where ZUBBit comes in!

ZUBBit enables you to turn content sharing into profit by letting you add your call-to-action to any page from any website you want to share.

So instead of just sharing it, ZUBBit !

You can share content from any of your favorite websites, maybe Mashable, TechCrunch, CNN – whatever ! but the difference is instead of just sharing great content you can now add your call-to-action to those sites and share a ZUBBit link instead. That link will still take the viewer to the content but they will now see the content PLUS your call-to-action.

And it gets better!

If they then share that content with their followers – your call-to-action goes with it.

BOOM! How good is that? It means your adverts can go VIRAL!

So you can now share content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or anywhere – even with your email list and when your links get shared and go viral your call-to-action goes with it. This is traffic generation on autopilot.

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ZUBBit was built by Marketers for Marketers and built by a team with a long long pedigree in the Tech Industry so this Software is a world-class product and has a very exciting road-map of new features lined up to come on line constantly.

We all share content, we all see a great page that we want to share, but instead of just sharing it, ZUBBit instead and actually convert content sharing into profit and see a real Return on Investment from your time and effort.

Remember most Traffic online is driven by content so if you are not generating traffic and leads via content then you really are working on the fringes of the Internet. Content Marketing is great for businesses with the capacity to generate lots of their own original content but most small businesses don’t have the capacity and the time to do that.

So using ZUBBit you can now do what the big boys are doing because you can now leverage anybody’s content. You can leverage First Class content that will connect with your audience but now using ZUBBit you an add your all-to-action to that content to drive quality qualified traffic back to your business.

We think ZUBBit is one of the most exciting new tools to come along in a long time and it’s well worth taking a look at.

So create a Free Account to take a look or just jump straight in and convert content sharing into profit Now! ==> HERE



Written by Phil Spilsbury
Businessman & Tech/Software creator. Co-Founder of ZUBBit, software for the Marketing & Advertising Industry. #Advertising #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #Content