Lets Talk ZUBBit Campaigns – Part 2

There are lots of ways to use ZUBBit but lets get into a few more detailed ideas to get you thinking!
Lets talk ZUBBit Campaigns

In Let’s Talk ZUBBit Campaigns – Part 1, we talked about creating niche campaigns with ZUBBit using Facebook.

In this article, let’s talk Linkedin

We’ve spoken before about using ZUBBit with Linkedin in terms of how to do it – which is really easy, but in this article we’ll cover exactly how we use ZUBBit with LinkedIn.

The best way to use ZUBBit with LinkedIn is via LinkedIn groups. It also works well posting to your connections if you have a biggish network but the way to reach the big audiences is via LinkedIn groups.

In the Part 1,  we used the example of Golf, so lets stick with that.


So when searching for “Golf” we find some good sized groups but we’ve seen some niche groups with excess of 1 million people in them – so LinkedIn groups are a gateway to a massive and more importantly a very active community.

Now in Facebook you can’t really post to Pages you don’t manage but with LinkedIn you can post into Groups so where there are advantages to running your own LinkedIn group, we recommend you just post into existing groups with big communities that are congruent with your niche.

The LinkedIn community just laps up content and LinkedIn is working really hard to keep up with the likes of Facebook to make there platform into a rich content platform so it works really well and the community on there are really active and more importantly are there with the mindset of doing business! – so its a vital platform.

Joining groups with LinkedIn is really easy. Just search for your niche keyword like in the example above and when you see some congruent groups – press Join. Depending on the group you may need to wait to be approved and then read the group description to make sure there aren’t any rules of the group you will be breaking by posting links that take people to external content – most groups will be fine with this.

Once you’ve joined  a group you can now start posting ZUBBit links into the manually as described in Using ZUBBit with Linkedin.

All this is great but it won’t really get you the volume you need to create a following fast and it will take an awful lot of time.

So that’s where ZUBBit RSS comes in! 

If you’ve not looked at it yet its a great piece of functionality we’ve added to ZUBBit to automatically curate great content in any niche and create ZUBBit links for you.

If you haven’t got into it yet it really will save you an awful lot of time and help automate things so worth checking out our article – What is an RSS Feed? – and the articles that follow on from that.

Then if you want to start publishing an autopilot to LinkedIn Groups you can do so with one of many great publishing tools. We cover the way we do it in How to publish ZUBBit RSS Feeds to your Social Media Channels 24-7

So to summarise what we’ve gone through, one of the best ways of using ZUBBit on LinkedIn is to join some targeted niche LinkedIn groups and just share great content via ZUBBit links. By doing this you will reach targeted communities of people who will read and enjoy the content you share and also will be exposed to your call-to-actions and you can track them too using our retargeting pixel functionality.

Got it? In Let’s Talk ZUBBit Campaigns – Part 3, we talk Twitter!

Written by Phil Spilsbury
Businessman & Tech/Software creator. Co-Founder of ZUBBit, software for the Marketing & Advertising Industry. #Advertising #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #Content