Repurposing Your ZUBB’s

How to Make Sure that Your ZUBBit Digital Assets Continue to Work for You

One of the great powers of ZUBBit is once your ZUBB’s are published out on the Web they can become real Digital Assets for you, getting you clicks and conversions for many years to come.

BUT what happens if the call-to-action or brand on your ZUBB’s are no longer relevant or active? Well with ZUBBit’s powerful functions you can re-use / re-purpose old ZUBB’s with new and relevant actions when ever you want or need to.

With ZUBBit Brands and Call-To-Actions are created separately to the ZUBB’s, and when you create a ZUBB you simply pick which Brand and Call-To-Action you want to attach to the ZUBB. This means you can change the content of your brand or Call-To-Action or both and every ZUBB out in Internet Land that uses those will automatically switch to the new content without you needing to re-post the ZUBB’s!

How AMAZING is that!

Amending a Brand or Call-To-Action could not be easier.

How to Change a Brand:

From your back office you simply pick Brands and against each Brand link is an Edit Button.


When you pressed Edit you will be taken to this popup which will allow you to change the Brand Title, Image and the URL (Web page) you want users to go to when they click on your branding.resue_1

How to Change a Call-To-Action:

Call-To-Actions are exactly the same, just select Call-To-Actions and select which one you wish to change.


Once again once you’ve pressed edit you will be taken to an edit popup where you can change the Call-To-Action message, button URL and Button Text.resue_4

How powerful is that?

So you could have hundreds of ZUBB’s out there using a Brand or Call-To-Action and you can dynamically change the content of all of them within minutes. So if you’ve been sharing great content and its still attracting clicks out there for years to come, you can make sure that the branding and Call-To-Actions on those ZUBB’s are fresh and relevant and earning you money!

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Written by Phil Spilsbury
Businessman & Tech/Software creator. Co-Founder of ZUBBit, software for the Marketing & Advertising Industry. #Advertising #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #Content