Using Analytics with ZUBBit

This is one of a series of posts in our "Get Started" series to help you get up and running and profiting from ZUBBit.

We all love Analytics and we recognise that knowing your data is a vital part of business.

Activities on all ZUBBit links are tracked and recorded.

ZUBBit Link Analytics

The data we collect on each ZUBBit link shared includes:

  1. Impressions – How many times your ZUBBit link is viewed.
  2. Clicks – How many times a viewer clicked on your Call-To-Action.
  3. CTR – Percentage click through rates (What are ZUBBit’s conversion rates)

You can views these three metrics on ZUBBs, Brands, Call-To-Actions and Designs. So at every level you can see what’s working. For example you could have been sharing some great content and getting lots of impressions but no-one is clicking on your Call-To-Action. So is that the fault of your brand, call-to-action or the design and look and feel of your ZUBB? well with our Dashboard Analytics you can see exactly what’s going on.

To view all your Analytics login into your ZUBBit Dashboard and take a look at any of the ZUBBs, brands, Call-To-Action, design dashboards.

Traffic Sources 

We also record where all your impressions are coming from so using this stat you can see where your traffic sources are coming from. Perhaps that’s from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Either way using this metric means you can see what return your getting from each platform your sharing content.

To view all your Traffic Source Analytics login into your ZUBBit Dashboard and select Traffic Sources from dashboard menu.

Visitor Analytics

To track more detailed analytics on your audience like age, location, time spent on pages etc etc we’ve integrated into Google Analytics which provides you with un-paralleled data on your ZUBBit audience. One of the best features is “Real-Time” so you can watch your ZUBBit activity live

To integrate ZUBBit into Google Analytics read How to add Google Analytics to ZUBBit



Written by ZUBBit Team