Using ZUBBit with LinkedIn

This is one of a series of posts in our "Get Started" series to help you get up and running and profiting from ZUBBit.

This guide will teach you how to make use ZUBBit on LinkedIn (Where can I use  ZUBBit?)

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for using ZUBBit on as unlike Facebook and Twitter, it’s serving a 100% professional and business audience. LinkedIn is making many changes to help you share or create content on its platform to its audience so we see it as a critical platform for using ZUBBit on.

Another top tip on LinkedIn is to share ZUBBit links into LinkedIn groups. There are thousands and thousands of groups on LinkedIn in lots of business niche’s where you can share your targeted links in a B2B environment. We get a lot of success using ZUBBit in LinkedIn groups and some groups can contain One Million+ very active people, so for us LinkedIn is a very important platform for using ZUBBit.

Using ZUBBit with LinkedIn could not be easier.

All you need to do is copy and paste your ZUBB link. Let’s take a look.

Step One – Paste your short ZUBB link into a post.

You literally just copy the short zubb link out of your ZUBBit back office and paste it into the share an update box. You also have several share options, so you can share to all users (public) or just with connections and also opt to have it share to your connected Twitter account also.


Step Two – Title and Tags.

Next step is to put a short but keyword rich title in and include hashtags, this will maximise the number of people who will find your posts.


At this point press SHARE  and you’re all done!


If anyone now clicks on your LinkedIn post they will be taken straight to the article but with your ZUBB in the corner. How neat is that?

The process for sharing in LinkedIn groups is identical.

Got it? next up then lets look at Using ZUBBit with Email Marketing

Written by ZUBBit Team