Hidden Zubb’s are a way of sharing content via a ZUBB but not placing an advert on the screen.

Hmm, no advert, so how does that work?

Well in a nutshell what that will let you do is add one or more tracking/re-targeting pixels in the background on the website or content you are sharing.

So what does that mean?

Well it means you can share content in a particular niche that is congruent with the product or service you supply and if people click on that ZUBB you can then track them via a tracking pixel and use them for re-targeting. (what is retargeting?)

So an example might be that you have a product on Email Marketing and you want to find out who is interested in that topic.

So what you can do is share a hidden ZUBB with some  content about Email Marketing  and  for everyone that clicks on that content you could then track them via a tracking pixel within the hidden ZUBB.

This makes ZUBBit a really cool way of doing Re-Targeting. So once the visitor has expressed an interest in Email Marketing by clicking on your content then you can track them and follow them on Facebook or any website with adverts about your product/service.

Okay so how do I create a Hidden ZUBB?

First up you go into your ZUBBit back office and from the drop down choose ZUBBs (Hidden).


Next up you’d select “Create Hidden ZUBB” which takes you to the Hidden ZUBB dialog create screen. You then  put in the URL (web page) of the content you want to share and then choose from the Tracking Pixels you have saved on the system and add them to your ZUBB. Once the ZUBB is then created you can then share it on Social Media etc and find out exactly who is interested in your topic.


Note that Hidden ZUBBs and Tracking Pixels are dependent on your level of membership.

Hidden ZUBBs are a fantastic way of creating massive re-targeting lists if you make sure your target content is congruent and targeted to the niche your product sits. So you share great content with your audience but also get to create re-targeting lists enabling you to place adverts to that visitor all over the web and social media.

Cool Yeh?

Top Tip

A great source of content for Hidden ZUBBs is YouTube!




Written by ZUBBit Team