What are ZUBBit Designs?

This is one of a series of posts in our "Get Started" series to help you get up and running and profiting from ZUBBit.

ZUBBit designs are the look and feel that you apply to your ZUBB’s.

We’ve made ZUBBit really powerful as not only have we pre-loaded ZUBBit with lots of great designs which we are adding to all the time, but also we allow you to create ZUBB designs for yourself with our design tool which gives you lots and lots of control and how your ZUBB can look.

Check out our library of ZUBBit designs you can use ==> ZUBBit Designs Collection

If you want to create your own designs that fit in with your branding and product look and feel then you can learn how to do that here ==> How to Create Your Own ZUBB Designs



Written by ZUBBit Team