What is a Call-To-Action?

This is one of a series of posts in our "Get Started" series to help you get up and running and profiting from ZUBBit.

Put simply a call to action is a message and a button on a ZUBB which is displayed on a page you share.



So the Call-To-Action is made up of two elements, the first being the message and the next being a button and some action text on it. They can be used on one ZUBB or more likely re-used on lots of ZUBB’s so they all do the same thing when displayed.

Call-to-Actions contain groups of ZUBB’s sharing common characteristics. Call-to-Actions contain your message and action link along with your customisation settings. Every ZUBB belonging to a single Call-to-Action will share those settings.

For example, Call-to-Action A can contain a blue button linking to mashable.com. If there are 30 ZUBB’s assigned to Call-to-action A, then all 30 ZUBB’s will contain the blue button linking to mashable.com.

Any changes I make to Call-to-Action A will apply to all 30 ZUBB’s. Any new ZUBB’s I create under Call-to-Action A will also reflect these settings. Call-to-Actions are great for organising groups of ZUBB’s and segmenting the analytics for different marketing initiatives.

You can use your call-to-actions on any brands you want so are completely flexible and re-usable.

Got it? Now you can learn How to Create a Call To Action


Written by ZUBBit Team