What is a ZUBBit Link?

This is one of a series of posts in our "Get Started" series to help you get up and running and profiting from ZUBBit.

ZUBBit is a tool that allows you to attach a custom message/call-to-action to any website links that you share. You can do this by generating a ZUBBit Link, which is often simply referred to as a ZUBB.

So all you do is to find a great piece of content you want to share and then head over to ZUBBit to convert the link you want to share into a ZUBBit link to share instead. Very similar to what you might do with bit.ly or owl.ly but with ZUBBit you can add your own message over that content. Note ZUBBit does not alter the original page, so you’re not actually making any changes to the web page itself, it simply creates a special link where the original page is loaded in the background and your message is loaded on top of it.

The great thing is your message is sticky so as the user scrolls up and down the web page or even goes to other pages on the same website then your sticky ZUBB message stays just where it is.

Try it! – This is a ZUBB http://zubb.it/E5KvZw  containing our call-to-action on entrepreneur.com



The ZUBB is made up of three elements

  1. A Brand – which describes your company, product, service or yourself
  2. A Call-To-Action – which offers he visitor something and directs them to another website
  3. The Design – which is the look and feel of the ZUBB

This works on virtually every content website you can find so give it a go and Create Your First ZUBB.

Got it? Now you can learn How to Create Your first ZUBB


Written by ZUBBit Team