What is ZUBBit?

ZUBBit is the result of 12 months of planning and development to build a platform that will help you leverage world wide web content to build your business.

ZUBBit is the result of 12 months of planning and development to build a platform that will help you leverage world wide web content to build your business. There is well over a billion pieces of content shared every single day and we wanted to build something that would help you use any content from any website to promote your brand, product or service.

ZUBBit in a nutshell is a simple tool that allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any content from any website and share it. You don’t need to own the content to add your message, so you can appear on TechCrunch.com, Entrepreneur.com, The New York Times and pretty much any website you can think of!

The page, Your Message and your Call-To-Action

There are three basic components to ZUBBit

  1. The website or page you want your message to appear on
  2. The message you want to appear on that page
  3. The Call-To-Action that if clicked leads to a Lead or Sale

So for example, using ZUBBit you can pick an article on Entrepreneur.com about starting your own business, then add your message “Check out my guide on starting your own business” and then add a button that if pressed leads to your landing page or website.

Easy to set up

When you’ve fed in those three components into ZUBBit (the page, message, and call-to-action), ZUBBit will give you a unique short ZUBBit link (we call these zubbs). This link then contains the designated piece of web content with your message embedded in it which you can then share across the internet to capture traffic from people interested in the topic matter you are sharing.

It literally takes a minute or less to set up a zubb!

So instead of sharing the original content link (URL) you found, you can now share the special short ZUBBit link which is essentially the same page but with your brand and message embedded in it. So people can read the great content you are sharing but also see and interact with your call-to-action.

Subscriber Experience

So what will the zubb look like to your subscriber or reader? Well its looks perfectly normal! as ZUBBit essentially just loads the original web page with the content on and simply displays your message and call-to-action over the top. The message is un-intrusive and unlike a popup the viewer can continue to read the content and navigate the website you’ve sent them to whilst your message stays sticky on the site you sent them too.

Think about it – when people normally see a popup their first instinct is to cancel it and press that big X so they can read the content but with ZUBBit you can not only place a message on any website but also do it in a way that the viewer won’t press X and get rid of it, and the message will stay there for the viewer to see as they read and explore the content you’ve sent them to.

Where can I use a ZUBB?

You can use them anywhere you like. So for instance if you use it on Facebook and make your posts public then your posts are visible and searchable across all of Facebooks’s user base. With Facebook making their platform more and more searchable and making all old posts visible and searchable it means using ZUBBit on Facebook means you are genuinely creating digital assets that will continue to get you clicks and conversions for years to come. You can also use ZUBBit on other social media platforms like Twitter or Linkedin, the list goes on and on.

Plus if you’ve got an email list but lack content if means you can send your list 100% content each week, just giving pure value to your subscribers whilst still getting your message in front of them.

The uses and possibilities with ZUBBit are endless but in a nutshell it means you never have to create content again, you can simply use any great content from anywhere whilst still getting your message in front of the viewers or readers.

Message Relevance for Success

The key to success with ZUBBit is keeping your message relevant and congruent with the content. If your message and call-to-action add’s value to the content then you will get conversions where as if your message has nothing to do with the content then your zubb will not succeed.

The power of ZUBBit is that because you can literally leverage any content from anywhere on the web then there is an endless of supply of congruent content for you to use.

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Written by Phil Spilsbury
Businessman & Tech/Software creator. Co-Founder of ZUBBit, software for the Marketing & Advertising Industry. #Advertising #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #Content