In this post we will keep you updated of all changes that occur on ZUBBit from new features, enhancements and even some bug fixes. So please let us know if you have any features you’d love to see on ZUBBit or if you find any glitches. We are listening and we want to make the product as good as it can be.

Version 2.1.1 – updated 8th December 2016


  • User Interface: We wanted to make the UI more helpful so over time you will notice Tooltips appear on buttons and question marks next to input fields.
  • Social Tags: Each ZUBB Grid now has an option called Tags which lets you view or override the Social Tags associated with the web page you are sharing, these are the Image, Title and Description. These Social Tags are used when you share your ZUBB link to any Social Platform, for example Facebook, Twitter, to be able to pre-show the web page in a presentable form to their members. Once the Social Tags have been overridden these can be restored by updating the ZUBB using the option Edit.
  • Sharing ZUBBs: If the content publisher have made available Social Tags for Twitter then these will be used when adding a ZUBB to the Twitter Social platform.
  • RSS Feeds: If your membership level allows you to create Hidden ZUBBs, when creating an RSS Feed you will now have the additional option to select between Standard or Hidden. This means if you select Hidden then only Hidden ZUBBs will be created from the RSS Feed. This feature becomes very powerful when used with Pixels.
  • RSS Feeds: Add options for fetching the image from Gravatar and Uploading an Image when creating a new Brand within the RSS Feed dialog.
  • RSS Feeds: When creating/updating an RSS Feed you now have the option to assign a Tracking Code which will be appended to each ZUBB link within the ZUBBit RSS Feed. For example if you assigned a Tracking Code of golf then each ZUBB link would have “?golf” appended to the end, i.e. http://zubb.it/123456?Golf – this Tracking Code can also be shown on your RSS Feed Dashboard grid.
  • RSS Feeds: When creating/updating an RSS Feed you now need to assign a Feed Name to that feed, this will also be shown on your RSS Feed Dashboard grid.


  • Monthly Impressions: In some circumstances when testing your ZUBB through the grid your Monthly Impressions was increasing.
  • Traffic Source Grid: The column title Clicks has been renamed to be Impressions.
  • Brand Image: When updating an existing Brand you were unable to fetch your Gravatar image.
  • Pixels: When assigning ZUBB level pixels to a ZUBB which has been created by an RSS Feed, these pixels were being ignored. This has now been corrected so that any ZUBB level pixels will be added to the RSS Feed pixels.

Version 2.1 – 2nd September 2016


  • Brand Image: We now allow you to upload your own brand image.
  • Grids: Show/Hide Columns for each grid have been added.
  • Brand Image: Gravatar images supported for your Brand.
  • ZUBB Creation: Creating your first ZUBB is a lot more simpler now and can all be done from one dialog where both the Brand and CTA can be created all in one place.
  • RSS Feeds: Allows you to ZUBB entire streams of content automatically, then share your favourite ZUUBs as you normally would or share the created ZUBBit RSS feed with other RSS readers like Buffer, Hootsuite or Feedburner.
  • ZUBB Design: You are now able to delay the showing of a ZUBB as part of its design.
  • Login: New look and feel of membership login.
  • ZUBB Design: Two brand new design styles called Ribbon & Chat (new system designs will follow which use these new styles).
  • ZUBB Design: The ZUBB designer now has two views Basic and Advanced.
  • Membership Pages: New look and feel of membership pages.
  • Membership: Brand new Try ZUBBit for 14 days for only $1 (this membership offer will only be available to brand new customers)
  • Membership: Free Accounts will now have a maximum of 1000 clicks to use instead of 100 per month.


  • My Account: Cancel Membership button was not being shown.
  • Dialogs: Double clicking on the Create/Update button sometimes caused the dialog to error.
  • Zubb Dialog: Sometimes the page title is unable to be retrieved and this causes the Dialog to error. If no page title can be retrieved then page title is set to the page URL instead.
  • Design: Cloning a system design that did not have any shadow would then not be possible to add Shadow.
  • Dashboard Grids: Using grid filters caused a loophole in limit allowances and would also double up items in grid when refreshed.
  • Dashboard: Zubb count was not reducing whan a ZUBB was deleted.
  • Zubb: When ZUBB is closed it was not reloading the publishers page.
  • Dashboard Grids: To make it clearly we have changed the Clicks column to be Impressions, Conversions to be Clicks and % to be CTR (Click Through Rate).
  • My Account: Mobile Number and Country were not being updated.

Version 2.0.1 (beta) – 19th May 2016


  • Zubb Creation: Inline Custom Styles for Advanced members and above. See blog post Inline Custom Styles for ZUBBs
  • Zubb Design: Brand new collection inspired from the film industry called TAKE just released today.
  • Dashboard Grids: The Hidden Zubb grid now shows the date of the last time your Zubb was clicked.
  • Dashboard Grids: The Zubb grid now shows the date of the last time your Zubb was clicked and the date of the last conversion.
  • Zubb: Call-to-Action text is now a clickable link to your CTA.
  • Zubb Creation: Clicking on links and scrolling on publishers website during the editing of Zubb creation have now been disabled.
  • Zubb: Canonical headers have now been correctly added to benefit the publishers of the content page. See blog post Does ZUBBit affect my SEO/PageRank?
  • Affiliates: Join the Secret Facebook Group added to Affiliate Dashboard.
  • Dashboard: The button which tests Zubbs has been renamed to be Test instead of Zubb.


  • Zubb Update: Page Title Icon not being shown when updating Zubb.
  • Dashboard Grids: Date column’s within the grids did not sort or filter correctly within browsers IE and Firefox.
  • Design Dialog: The color selector was not correctly working depending on how you selected the color.
  • Dashboard Grids: UTF-8 characters were not being passed to the dashboard grid correctly and not being shown within the dialogs.
  • Members Area: Fatal error – allowed memory exhausted caused by third-party plugin script.
  • Zubb Design: Extra padding was being added under CTA button on PLANET design when Zubb was shown.
  • Zubb: On some browsers Flash video was not being shown when the Zubb was clicked.
  • Zubb Creation: Upon entering the URL it went straight to the page and the Zubb creation form disappeared along with the Zubb on the screen.
  • Upgrading: When upgrading it takes into account the number of days left of your current membership and deducts this from the initial payment of your new membership.
  • Dashboard: When clicking on the Zubb button to test Zubb it recorded a click against your account/monthly allowance.

Version 2.0 (beta) – 3rd April 2016

Release of ZUBBit 2.0 to Pre-Registered users.

Version 1.0 (alpha)  – 4th October 2015

Initial release of ZUBBit 1.0 to Beta testers.

Written by ZUBBit Team