Why Are My ZUBB’s Showing a 404 Page?

When You Click on my Zubb Link it Shows a 404 Page,

If you find when you or one of your readers/viewers clicks on one your ZUBB links they get sent to the ZUBBit 404 Page rather than the Web Page (URL) you set up then this is usually for one of two reasons.

  1. The URL you’ve set up no longer exists or is invalid
  2. You’ve exceeded the number of impressions allowed on your ZUBB’s this month.

The most common reason will be number 2.

You can check the number of impressions you’ve used this month and how many are allowed in your Back Office Dashboard.


So in the box marked in red on this example you will see the number of impressions you can have this month based on your account level. In this example it’s 60,000. Next to it is the number of impressions used this month, which again in this example is 114.

At the end of each month your impressions get re-set to zero and you have your full limits available again.

If you find you are using up your impressions each month then you can upgrade your account by clicking on the upgrade button on the right on your dashboard which will give you the choice of a number of upgrade options offering more impressions and more features.

Written by ZUBBit Team