Why Should I Use ZUBBit?

Why Should I use ZUBBit and What Can it Do For Me?

ZUBBit is an online marketing tool that can be used by everyone from independent marketers to large enterprises.

So, why should you use ZUBBit?

Well it’s a really simple tool that essentially lets you get clicks and conversions from any piece of content from the web. You can do this by putting your message and call-to-action on almost any page on the web. You can use it to drive more traffic to your website, offers, events or services and whole lot more.

Here’s some great reasons why it’s worth taking a look at ZUBBit:

The world-wide-web is and always has been about sharing great content. You can’t just toot your own horn all day and night as people will just ignore you but that’s what many marketers do!

It’s, buy my stuff, buy my stuff! and I’m sorry but this just doesn’t work. You need to give value and quite often the only reason marketers don’t share content is simply because they don’t have time or simply don’t know how to create great original content.

So whats where ZUBBit comes in!

Many experts claim that at least 50% of the content you share should be from others but with ZUBBit you can share 100% of your content from others but still get your message out there.

Using ZUBBit you can attach your own brand, message and call-to-action to every link and content you share, so you’ll actually show up on the actual page itself your sharing. So that could be an article from Mashable, or Forbes, or The New York Times, or anywhere, but what ever the content is you share – your message and call-to-action will be on that page!


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