How ZUBBit Can Send Your Adverts Viral

Find out How ZUBBit can send your adverts viral and give you the Holy Grail of marketing.

We all know that viral content and viral advertising is the holy grail of advertising. It’s when a publisher or advertiser managed to get their content and adverts being shared and distributed by other people completely by itself and at no cost, reaching many thousands or hundreds of thousands of people.

It really is the Holy Grail of advertising that every great advertiser dreams of.

So with the cost of advertising being so high or with the pain involved in trying to get your content out to as many places as possible for free, there is a real challenge with trying to tap a little into that viral affect.

So the best place at the moment for an online marketer to look to get their stuff out into a viral situation is on Social Media.

You can just hop onto Buzzsumo and check out some articles in your niche to see just how much social sharing goes on, check out these examples on Email Marketing:


You can see in these examples from Buzzsumo that the articles above on the topic of Email Marketing have been shared many thousands of times across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

So how about if you could be sharing that great content but in your niche but your advert is shared on those pages? So think about it. Each time someone shares the page it gets shared with your Call-To-Action and message or advert on it!

ZUBBit is truly remarkable in its ability to send your adverts literally viral.

With Zubbit you can share great content onto Social Media by creating a ZUBB out of that content which means you can share that original content but your advert or call-to-action will appear on that content. If people then start sharing it then it gets shared over and over by people you may never know but your advert is sticking there.

So how CRAZY powerful is that?

What Next? Well if you want to know how to help make your ZUBB’s got Viral then check out How to Use Hashtags with ZUBBit

Written by Phil Spilsbury
Businessman & Tech/Software creator. Co-Founder of ZUBBit, software for the Marketing & Advertising Industry. #Advertising #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #Content